Sunday, 10 November 2013

Jerry Hicks - rising star of the Sunday Times

According to Hicks he's the Left's only choice,
When others screw workers its just his voice
That comes to the rescue of his working class,
And, as for class traitors he'll not let them pass.
Full time officers are hacks as is the GS at the top
So when Jerry Hicks wins the day all this will stop
As every five years FTOs will to go for the vote
Making their jobs insecure, and probably cutthroat.
We're all aware of Unite's Labour Party affiliation
Which to Jerry and his ultra's is quite an aberration;
So don't worry, indeed let's forget the Labour link,
Perhaps we'll get by politically with a nod and a wink.
But now our working class hero shows his true hue
By blabbing to the Sunday Times that is so Tory blue.
It's not enough that his class is under fierce attack,
That he takes advantage by stabbing Unite in the back;
This sums up the man, it shows an ego that's willing,
To cede class loyalty for power and the Murdoch shilling.

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