Monday, 11 November 2013

Paxman was spot on...

I'm writing this in reference to Jeremy Paxman calling David Cameron a 'complete idiot' after the PM spoke in terms almost glorifying the First World War. However, Paxman, and a great deal of other people, don't view next year's centenary of the beginning of the blood bath better known as the 'Great War', or to the optimists, the war to end wars, as a cause for celebration. Indeed Paxman refers to the conflict as a 'calamity'.

Now a senior Downing Street aide, Rob Wilson MP, has joined the furore caused by that famous Leftist fellow travelling BBC commie, Paxoman's 'complete idiot' description of Cameron. Being classed as a 'complete idiot' is arguably Cameron's greatest achievement, given the calibre of the competition he must have faced: George Osborne, Michael Gove, Jeremy Hunt and IDS to name but a few first class contenders.

Apparently, Wilson wrote: “Mr Paxman should make a full and public apology for his comments. He should make it clear to BBC viewers and licence fee payers that his remarks were inaccurate and ill-founded.

“This sneering and aggressive approach is one of the reasons many people are put off politics.”

Well fuck me gently on the back seat of a Bentley if Rob Wilson MP's words don't take the full packet of (dark) chocolate digestives. But he has a point.

If it isn't a weirdly beardy Paxman taking those vulnerable Ministers and MPs to task over the absolute lash-up they're making of the economy; then it's that evil Jon Snow ambushing Sir Alex Ferguson in an interview, implying that poor old Alex was a Stalinist; or John Humphries eviscerating some unsuspecting Minister at an ungodly hour of the morning.

Jeremy Paxman, arch Leftie scourge of MPs and Ministers of State

Rob Wilson is well and truly in denial, well and truly up at the blue end. For a few years I lived next to a secondary modern school in North London, and the noise from its playground was far more civilised than the Yahoo bun fights that take place at regular occurrence during sittings of parliament.

From listening to the hubbub that emanates from that particular house of horrors, one wonders how this shower can hold the keep a grip on, let alone steer the ship of state without continuously running aground. But then, that's exactly what they do in an all too frequent fashion.

No Mr Wilson, people are not put off politics by sneering aggressive news presenters. They're but a minor irritation; and they don't hold sway over our wellbeing. No Wilson, they're put off by lying, mendacious, duplicitous, arrogant, stupid, elitist, avaricious, greedy, rapacious, voracious, untrustworthy, dissembling twats like you, Cameron, Osborne and Iain Drunkard-Shite. We're put off by people like you who for a living make our lives hell; rich people who steer their ideologically driven policies through parliament as though out on a grouse shoot on the Yorkshire Moors.

And guess what? We're the fucking grouse!

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