Sunday, 10 November 2013

We don't need to feed on scapegoat scare stories from Tories

Somewhere on Facebook earlier today I briefly commented on a piece about young lads wearing their jeans low and which shows off their underwear. Bit of a jokey view on youngsters lack of dress sense, until someone came in with comments on chavs.

The word Chav, whether used to describe a way of dress or indeed the person so dressed is actually quite an offensive term. It's pejorative and only serves to demean.  People who use the term are buying into a mindset that strives to divide people into groups of acceptable and unacceptable. In my mind always a dangerous game to play.

Just as this government uses clumsy devices such as strivers versus skivers to form false distinctions between worthy workers and the unworthy unemployed, so it serves to set one set of oppressed people against another. Classic divide and rule.

Seventy-five years ago, this weekend, an event that has passed down to us as Kristallnacht (crystal night or more properly embedded in many minds as 'night of broken glass') took place. Coordinated attacks by SA paramilitary squads destroyed 7000 Jewish businesses in cities across Germany and Austria; indeed of 1000 synagogues damaged by fire 95 were in Vienna; while 91 Jews died and a further 30,000 sent to concentration camps.

Of course that was the Nazis and they picked on Jews, not simple chavs whose only real crimes are against fashion; oh, and being easy targets for governments, and all too sadly those who should know better.

Look, depriving Tories of their entitlement to single out groups of people to vilify and demonise is tantamount to denying them their basic human rights. Just as disabled people call for the right to equal opportunity in employment, housing, health care etc, so Tories expect to be able to divide the working classes in such a way as to pit one against the other.

Just as back in the 1930s the Nazi's scapegoated Jews, disabled people, Gypsies, Communists, Socialists etc for the economic ills that had befallen Germany so today's Tories seek out groups onto which they wish to pin the blame for this country's shortfalls.

Some images depicting the savagery of the Nazi attacks on Jewish
homes, businesses and synagogues on November 9th 1938  

So, if you've a mind to demonise
Just have a thought and realise
That from routine persecution
Grew the Nazi's Final Solution.

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