Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Branson tries to smear Corbyn

A capitalist using a capitalist-bought media to tarnish Corbyn's reputation. Corbyn has declared publicly that a Labour government led by him would re-nationalise our national railways. Overcrowding and cost are the main reasons for reclaiming the service.

Branson has come out against Corbyn’s stance all guns blazing. Virgin Trains stands to lose scores of millions of pounds if privatization goes through. Who wouldn’t fight to keep their seat on the gravy train?

In 1995 our national rail service was broken into hundreds of pieces, then sold off to the private sector. Sadly, the travelling public was then presented with a privately owned jigsaw of a service. A service that has progressively become massively overpriced, we’re paying a greater subsidy than pre-privatization. Unprofitable routes have been cut back thus leading to overcrowding. The carriages are too often filthy.
Branson is running scared of losing a lot of easy money. Of course he will do what he can to put Corbyn down.

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