Friday, 26 August 2016

The running down of our NHS

Iain Dale, on LBC, is debating the pros and cons of privatising the the NHS. Although he is showing his bias as pro privatisation.
Dale is also insisting that Theresa May is not going to privatise the NHS. No, his thesis states that if the Tories were going to privatise the NHS they would have done so under Thatcher or Major.
Iain Dale is of course being very disingenuous. He knows, as most of us know, that in order to fully privatise the NHS this government, and its predecessor Coalition regime, have, and are, systematically running down the service.
More and more negative stories are coming out of the NHS, propagated by our capitalist-bought media. Basically, our NHS is being set-up to fail. As failing services and debt increases so we'll see the media, in connivance with the government, calling for the private sector to come to the rescue.
This is exactly how Tories dealt with British Rail over 20 years ago. And look at our national rail system today. The subsidy is higher. Many services have been scrapped as unprofitable. Our trains are packed. Our trains are filthy.

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