Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Brexit Broken Promises

Listening to LBC, pro-Brexit Iain Dale, made me laugh. The phone-in topic was on Owen Smith's vote winning call for a second referendum on our position in Europe.

This topic drew all the Brexit voters out of the woodwork. As you'd expect. The usual complaints were voiced on how the 'Remain' side of the referendum told outrageous lies. And again they echoed the same denial that the Brexit side ever committed itself to funding the NHS by using the £350 million per week that we send to the EU per week.

Despite supporting our remaining in the EU I don't agree with Smith's re-running the referendum. However, I am angry with Brexit voters who on the one hand complain about the Remain dirty tricks campaign while accepting the lies told by Farage, Johnson and IDS. In fact on the day after the ballot was run Farage was strenuously denying the £350 million promise while sitting in a studio with the coach in question on a giant screen behind him.

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