Saturday, 13 August 2016

Squabbling Tories Boost Corbyn's Popularity

"Labour has taken a slender one point lead in the latest opinion poll despite the unpopularity of leader Jeremy Corbyn." The unpopularity of the politician who has thousands queuing around the block to hear him speak. The same unpopular leader who has to hold open-air meetings to accommodate his supporters. Then I say, stuff popularity the smart money's on unpopularity.

"The narrow advantage in YouGov's latest survey was blamed on a fall in support for the Tories because of the bitter infighting over Europe in David Cameron's party." Opined the ever faithful Hate.
Ah, that'll be it then. The bitter infighting in the Tory Party gives Labour a narrow advantage. Forgetting of course the internecine war going on in the Labour Party.

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