Thursday, 18 August 2016

Re-Nationalise our national rail

In 1994 John Major's government began the break-up and privatisation of British Rail. Privatisation saw the dismemberment of our rail system. Stations, infrastructure, maintenance and train operating were sold off to dozens of different companies.

Where once you could travel from A to B on one ticket. Privatisation made buying tickets a far more complex operation. Travelling from company to company is problematic.

However, the complexity of travelling from one railway company to another is just one complaint. The state of our trains is a disgrace. Trains are dirty, windows filthy and toilet's usually in need of proper cleaning, if indeed working at all. As the diagram above illustrates, we are paying through the nose for a second class service.

So much for Major's argument that only the private sector could properly run our railways. The UK's national rail system now costs the tax payer, in subsidies, more than it did when it was in public hands.

Our national rail system needs to be re-nationalised. 

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