Sunday, 11 June 2017

Is the Tory/DUP Compact Legal?

The Conservative's decision to make a political compact with the DUP appears go against the spirit of the Good Friday Agreement. How can this government ally to one of the very political parties it is meant to be mediating between?
While the peace in Ireland is still quite fragile. Few would argue that life in the six-Counties is preferable today than in the dark days of the Troubles. For the Conservatives to ignore peace over civil strife would be the worst form of political expediency; and any government that triggered a new round of troubles would never be forgiven. 
This is an issue that cries out for someone to challenge in the High Courts. Sadly, I have neither the political procedural expertise nor the money to mount such a challenge. But I'm sure there is someone or an organisation out there equipped to mount such a challenge.

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