Sunday, 18 June 2017

Safety has to become our watchword

This is an email I've sent to my HO, housing manager, local RMO, Lambeth cabinet members across a number of disciplines, Lambeth Community Police and Fire Services as well as my MP.

"To Who it May Concern

I have lived in ******** Road for three years; and in that time have been concerned with the flouting of parking regulations. From 8.30 to 16.30 Monday to Friday motorists need to display a parking permit to park on ******** Road.  So during these hours parking rules are generally obeyed. This allows a clear passage for vehicles to use even with cars parked on either side of the road. For instance should the need arise vehicles such as fire engines could access the whole street from end to end.

However, from 16.30 and 8.30 on week days and at weekends as there is no permit system in play. During these times parking becomes a free-for-all. Those of you familiar with the lay-out of the part of ******* Road that runs from xxxxxx Road to xxxxxx Walk, around 100 meters, will know this quite a narrow road. Therefore, when people double-park it completely blocks the access for larger vehicles such as fire engines. As a disabled person and a tenant of ******** Road I have grave concerns for my safety and that of my neighbours, many of whom are children, elderly and disabled people.

Parking restrictions are not frivolous rules just put in place as a money spinner for councils. No, as well as allowing the free flow of traffic they have a health and safety dimension. They allow for clear roads that enable any vehicle, including emergency traffic, access. Night times and weekends, the very time when the road is blocked by double parking, are the times when most domestic fires occur.  

The other issue related to this is the parking of vehicles on pavements. As a wheelchair user it is very frustrating to find my path blocked by a car fully parked on a pavement. This causes me the inconvenience of turning around, if I'm able to on a very narrow pavement, finding a dropped kerb crossing over to the other side of the road, providing there is a negotiable pathway.

Parking for me is not so much of a problem as I have a carport on the forecourt of my flat. Convenient as this may sound, it becomes totally ineffective when, as is too often the case, other motorists park on the pavement across my carport denying me access to the road; in effect imprisoning me in my home.

While I'm sure my neighbours are not meaning to endanger life, their inadvertent actions could put the safety of others at risk. It is with this in mind, and of course the horrendous events of Grenfell Tower earlier this week that has triggered this email. 


Sean McGovern

26 Fiveways Road
London SW9 7LY"  

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