Thursday, 8 June 2017

Sean's balloting adventures

Arrived at the polling station, my excitation levels going off the scale. Pumped up and ready to vote, weeks of rigorous training about to pay off. The endless hours Campaigning at disability events, on phone banks, on Twitter and Facebook about to bear fruit.
So, off I wheel making the trek to my polling station, all of 200 meters away. Arriving, exhausted but singly focused on the job at hand, I look for my way in. As I reconnoitre the pavement kerbs into the school, I realise the fatal flaw in my planning, that is collecting intelligence of the topography of the target.
No bloody dropped pavement into the polling station. Anyway, to cut an overlong and somewhat protracted and rambling account of my adventures into polling land, I voted. I voted for Helen Hayes, and may she win comfortably safe in the knowledge that people like me went through hell to give her victory.

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