Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Stop your treachery Lord Mandelson.

“I try to undermine Jeremy Corbyn 'every single day'”. Bragged Lord Mandelson a Labour peer in February this year at event held by Jewish Chronicle. “Something, however small it may be – an email, a phone call or a meeting I convene – every day I try to do something to save the Labour party from his leadership.” He poisonously added.

As many of Corbyn’s detractors within the PLP and wider Labour Party concede that his, and Labour’s, performance during the election campaign were exceptional. This is when even the anti-Corbyn media is acknowledging Labour’s positive campaign; and agreeing that Labour’s manifesto had greater resonance with the public than the Tories indecisive and uncosted effort.

But not Peter Mandelson. No, if we fast forward to May 11th, Mandelson appears to be a lone voice railing against Jeremy Corbyn. Writing in the Mail last Sunday Mandelson insisted, My party’s moderates must stand by the wounded PM”.

He ignores Labour’s transformation from dead-in-the-water about to be obliterated from the political map 6-weeks ago, to their gaining 30 seats in the election. This was achieved by presenting a positive campaign underpinned by a progressive manifesto that appealed across the generations as well as social demographics.

Instead of supporting his leader Mandelson instead concentrates on pushing the line that there are some Labour MPs who consider it is more important to prop up a moribund Conservative/DUP government by supporting PM Theresa May. He finishes with these pathetic words: “Mainstream Labour MPs, who worry about the impact of the continuing Corbyn revolution on centrist voters, should be prepared to stand by the wounded PM, and likewise she should welcome their approach in the national interest.”

Mandelson is a maestro in the dark art of treachery. Here we have a leading figure in the Labour Party not only vilifying his leader, to the point, I would argue, of bringing the Party into disrepute. He is also guilty of giving the enemy succour. Instead of recognising the Conservatives as a busted flush, he ignores this instead urging Labour MPs to get behind a minority government. Rather than condemning the Tories for endangering the fragile peace in Ireland by considering a deal with the DUP, he would rather serve to divide his own party by using sectarian labels such as ‘mainstream’ and ‘moderates’ when referring to the anti-Corbyn section of the PLP.

Mandelson has a choice. Support your democratically elected leader, a man who has proved himself worthy of the leadership of our great party, or go away. The Labour Party needs to be unified under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and can do without the poisonous Lord Mandelson.

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