Sunday, 17 July 2011

Atos Comes Unstuck When The Playing Field Levels Out...

Atos is excusing the high amount of appeals going against them on the grounds that the appellants brought supporting medical evidence to the tribunals that they, Atos, were not privy to. The fact that much of the evidence was ignored by the Atos healthcare worker originally seems to be overlloked.

Brings to mind a scene from the 1985 Alan Bleasdale film 'No Surrender'. A blind ex boxer, togged-up as a boxer going to a fancy dress party is accosted in a underpass by a group of scallies. Almost within the blink of an eye our vision impaired party goer has given the scallies a bit of a hiding; skulking off with tails between legs the beaten bullies complain about the unfairness of the situation - they didn't know the blind ex-boxer was indeed an ex-boxer.

Where else in industry, commerce or business (bankers excepted) would such levels of failure be allowed to go unchallenged. If any of us failed in our workplaces to such a high degree we'd be sacked. As a union official I'd be hard-pressed to win a case against someone who regularly cost their employer the amounts that Atos healthcare workers cost us, the taxpayers.

The government is considering introducing financial penalties for claimants who make errors when filling in benefits' forms. Thus, an amateur fouls up and is penalised, while a professional gets it wrong and is still rewarded. Michael Moore's sums up this product of neo-liberal economic policy gone 'mad' in 'Capitalism a Love Story'. 

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