Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Goodbye to Ouch

Where were you when Ouch closed down?
I was busy on a course in Durham town
In the Raddison Blu right near to the Weir
Online waiting for Ouch to disappear.

At the ten-thirty tea-break we all dispersed
For elevenses coffee and a chocolatine;
And, I went onto Ouch expecting the worse,
Sobbing and everyone venting their spleen.

To my surprise everyone was composed
With smiles and dignity and fond goodbyes
Not at all angry at Ouch being closed
Though, I suspect there weren't many dry eyes.

Feeling a bit nostalgic I returned to the site
And, spookily wandering I felt like a ghost,
When all of a sudden to my great delight
I saw it was me who had made the last post!

Well, she's gone for good, our dear old Ouch
And, with her the prissiness and that old grouch
Rose, who can now roam his empty boards
Knowing he'll never win any Internet awards!

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