Thursday, 28 July 2011

Bladder and Bowel Problems

As someone with a neurogenic bladder and bowel problems, the latter largely due to inactivity - though I have some walking capability (albeit short distances in extreme pain and discomfort) I use a wheelchair for all activities outside of my home, which is not wheelchair accessible - I've been told suppositories would excite my bowel into greater activity.

My PAs/carers are both reluctant to insert things into my body. They, correctly tell me that such a task falls under medical care, an area that neither are qualified in. My bladder and bowel nurse agrees, and has come up with a possible solution to my problem; namely, she has suggested a digital bowel stimulator and a rectal suppository inserter. It sounds a bit S&M to me; but hey, I've got an open mind.

Does anyone out there have any experience of rectal suppository inserters and digital bowel stimulators? My BB nurse has suggested these pieces of equipment may be necessary in order to facilitate the insertion of suppositories.

Digital bowel stimulator and a rectal suppository inserter

I'd be grateful if anyone does use these pieces of equipment to know whether they were procured through a prescription or through an OT. There is some debate going on within the NHS as to whether such equipment can be classed as a prescription item. Currently the NHS is classing them as equipment that does not qualify as a prescription item. However, I'd say the inserter, as a delivery system, would have the same status as a syringe, which can be obtained through a prescription.

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