Tuesday, 12 July 2011

How not to Treat PAs/carers

Reading about a PA who can't cook brings to mind someone I knew that treated his PAs like skivvies. He'd only employ either very young and inexperienced people or new comers to this country who were unfamiliar as to their rights; and, did he take full advantage of this.

Anyone he took on was made to take up self-employment status. He paid them the bare minimum; and, expected them to be gardeners, painter decorators, builders, carpenters, motor mechanics, etc, etc. On one occasion I recall him getting a PA to carry out a disability access audit for a community centre - a job this 'friend' had been paid to do, but couldn't be bothered to finish!

There's taking the Mickey; and, then there's taking the piss. My 'friend' definitely favoured the latter; extracting as much as he could. Hardly surprising, I''m sure you'll agree, that his turnover of PAs/carers was phenomenal; pretty much keeps an advert running all the time in a local paper.

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