Tuesday, 5 July 2011

On the Closure of BBC Ouch!

Hey people, the nag is dead, giving it a good thrashing now is a bit pointless. Damon Rose and his chums in the Beeb aren't going to move on this one (and if they do I'll have scored a monumental own goal in kicking down the closet door and fessing up to being pretty much every pantomime villain that ever trod the creaking boards of Ouch)...

Dignity, that's what we have left. Damon and his paymasters the BBC can take away our message boards; but, they can't touch our dignity. Don't give Damon Rose the satisfaction of presiding over the last few days of Ouch gloating over our, very real, pain and sadness.

The BBC has done a hatchet job on Ouch; and, I doubt they will now go back on this decision. Like so much in the UK today, we're being treated as a political football; this we should be used to considering we've been kicked back and forth from goalmouth to goalmouth and wing to wing for a number of years now.

Ouch Too looks like a good alternative to BBC Ouch. Looking at its membership it looks to me as though there has been a Diaspora from the original Ouch to its successor; thus, Ouch Too begins life with a wealth of experience and knowledge at its disposal. For a burgeoning group this is a massive boon.

So, come on let's get off our knees and leave this site to the ghosts of a once thriving community and Damon Rose.

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