Monday, 4 July 2011

'Daily Hate' Plumbs New Depths of Disgrace

Just when we thought the Daily Hate had sunk lower than a Tory's sense of compassion so they show there are even greater depths of depravity yet to plumb. According to the Daily Hate the teachers' strike's to blame for girl being hit and killed by a tree - in reference to the tragic death of a young girl hit by a falling tree branch whilst in the park yesterday.

When I picked up this story from 'urban 75' (U75) it didn't surprise me. For that matter I imagine there's a lot of us out there, disabled people, that look at this kind of headline, and while we're saddened at the context of the story, we're not overly shocked that a newspaper can have the gall and insensitivity to present a piece in biased a way.

Maybe we've become inured to scum like the Daily Hate misrepresenting us as a group. In the past few years they, with a little help from their friends in high places, have done such a hatchet job of demonizing us that the shock value from other stories has become devalued.

About 6 months ago Ian Duncan-Smith blamed IB claimants for the financial deficit we're in. A situation brought about by bankers and the elements within the financial sector losing control; and, governments happy to play along with casino capitalism as long it was aces being turned over and not deuces or treys.

ADS was widely criticised within disabled circles, and as I recall quite a few voices from the political Left joined in the condemnation. However, once again someone high in the echelons of authority managed to walk away from an outrageous slur on a group of, mostly, innocent people, unpunished.

The story of the girl's death led a U75 user to ask "Hopefully this will awaken people to the role the media are playing in pushing an anti-union agenda." And, I say 'Amen' to that sentiment; and, while this awakening is taking place they could also look at the role the media is playing in the demonizing of disabled people.

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