Saturday, 24 December 2016

Create a National Care Service

After the Second World War disabled service personnel called for 'Rights not Charity'. This message has travelled down the passage of time. Today's disability campaigners hold to this demand while adding a more earthy: "Piss on Pity!" just in case those who stop their ears and close their minds to disabled people need a more blunt message.

Just as I don't want to survive at the behest of some charitable organisation, who can switch funding off or on, I also expect the same in all other walks of life. Our kids shouldn't depend on charity to equip their classrooms; not one of us should be denied medical treatment while a hospital holds out a begging bowl for funding.

Similarly with social support and care. Those of us who have a need for such services should not have to call on the charity of family or friends. We demand that personalisation is a guarantee from government of adequate funding in this area. 

Let's devote 2017 to lobbying for, to shouting and screaming for, to fighting and demonstrating in our millions for the establishment of a national care service. An NCS, affording care free at the point of need. A service not funded as a bolt-on through a Council Tax precept that will simply throw up anther post-code lottery. No, a service funded through a national route of either national insurance or the general tax pot.

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