Saturday, 3 December 2016

Why isn't Welfare Weekly reporting this more honestly?

Why isn't Welfare Weekly reporting this more honestly? 67% of businesses would like to circumvent the law. This government purports to be the party of law and order.

When it comes to 'benefits' cheats' or people who get into debt, they prosecute with the full weight of the law.

Yet when multi-nationals refuse to pay their tax, no action. They are reluctant to chase after wealthy tax cheats. Yet if I owe the HMRC they will use all their powers to make me pay.

Similarly with employers discriminating against disabled job seekers and workers. When employers prove to be discriminatory against us, disabled academics such as Tom Shakespeare bleated that employers needed to be educated about disabled workers.

OK Tom, but if we allow employers to go back to school to learn why they are obliged under law to employ disabled people, why not extend the same exemption to other employment laws. Allow employers to relax regulations on maternity leave; permit them to stop holiday pay until they are educated in the need to obey this law; why should they take heed of health and safety laws?

For 'fearful' of hiring disabled people read 'would rather not' hire disabled people because they're too much hassle.

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