Thursday, 22 December 2016

Good by HRH

Interesting Thought for Today, today. Prince Charles spoke on today's Today programme, his topic religious tolerance, or more to the point the incidence of religious intolerance that proliferates across our small planet. 
Some commentators have dissected his talk, and in doing so find that the in his speech Charles appears to confirm his religious belief. But this confirmation is of his Christianity. This they deem to be a move away from his previous adherence to religious plurality. 

The Prince of Wales is not the only person in the news today. Both his parents are reported to be poorly. They are said to have heavy colds. A couple of day ago we were told the Queen would be shedding a couple of dozen of her charitable causes.
Is Charles' re-confirmation of his Christian beliefs; the Queen and Prince Philip's poor health and infirmity; and the downsizing of her workload a sign? Is the Queen going to stand down in favour of the her unemployed son? 
Isn't it time for us to seriously look at the role and point of monarchy. If the rest of us are being forced to embrace a 'gig' economy, why can't we extend this to the Windsors?

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