Sunday, 4 December 2016

Let's expose tax cheats

Another FB user argued against my call for tax cheats to pay their way stating "...I worry about the idea that we can make up the shortfall merely closing the tax gap". I do love the way the British manage to employ euphemism in such an unashamedly casual way. Instead of " merely closing the tax gap..." why doesn't the government in cahoots with its partisan press expose those who create the 'tax gap' as the cheats that they are. Then harry these tax cheats with the same vigour and viciousness it deploys against 'benefits' cheats'? 

Yes, let's look to the Scandinavian rather than American model of paying for our public services; and let's do this by making tax cheats pay their taxes. The government should devote more time and energy in devising ways of ensuring all levels of society pay taxes. 

Come on government and media start exposing the rich and corporations to the same levels of hate that are used against the poor. What have you got to lose? Christ, you're likely to increase your popularity and readership and viewing figures.

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