Friday, 23 December 2016

John McDonnell and ILF

It is being reported that John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, has not fulfilled his commitment to ex-ILF users to use his position to write to Labour Councils urging them to honour payments to ex-ILF users.
Back in September I sat next to John in a meeting in Parliament when he pledged to write to all Labour Councils reminding them that they were in receipt of ILF monies that had been safeguarded by this government until 2010. A little later at the meeting when pressed again on his pledge John assured us he would get on to it straight away. 
I've known John for a number of years. Indeed along with other Broad Left members of the old T&G I was involved in John's campaign to run for the leadership of the Labour Party in 2007. 
John has been a friend of disabled people for many many years. Before the austerity that began with a vengeance in 2012, you could find John meeting with disabled people and groups to discuss their issues in Parliament and at Movement events. It was, and is, recognised that McDonnell gets disability and is fully supportive of our movement. I hope that John does fulfil his pledge. Come on John, you're a cut above the others.

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