Saturday, 3 December 2016

National Care Service - NCS

As the 5th or 6th richest economy in the world it is shameful that we resort to discussions around who should pay for care. As far as I'm concerned, and I'm not alone here, care must be paid for through general taxation. Basically we need to create a national care service, a service free at the point of need.

Cries of “this will bankrupt the country” will be heard; “we just can’t afford this kind of burden with a growing elderly population”. But then similar reactionary sentiments have been expressed prior to the introduction of every progressive law and policy ever passed. The political right, employers, politicians and scum newspapers decried the enacting of the DDA, minimum wage, maternity leave, paternity leave, statutory holidays, statutory sick pay, H&S in the workplace, etc.

Yet each of these policies came into practice and the capitalist system continued its rapacious way through our society becoming more and more bloated on the easy to gain profits successive governments afforded them.

One solution to the crisis in care would be a dogged pursuit of the masses of tax cheats residing in the UK. You know them as the wealthy, those with a such an inflated sense of entitlement that excuses them from such tiresome duties as paying their way.

The government could seriously look into closing all tax loops. Indeed, it would pay them to open a department of HMRC employing top forensic and corporate lawyers and accountants to close down new loops that arise. HMRC could re-employ all those tax officers they made redundant, who in turn could claw in taxes from tax cheats.

The rabid scum press should divert their editorial bile in the direction of tax cheats. Cheats who cost the country scores of billions annually. Vilify tax cheats rather than the easy and lazy promotion of poverty porn. Wouldn’t it make economic sense to go after scores of billions of unpaid taxes instead of devoting millions in the pursuit of a couple of billion lost in benefits? Scum press... sell that to your readers.

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