Sunday, 21 July 2013

Duncan-Smith to Appear in Front of DWP Select Committee in September

"I can confirm that IDS will be appearing before the Work and Pensions Select Committee on Wednesday 4th September where he will be asked questions about the DWP’s Annual Report and the Department’s use of statistics."

And? This is hardly anything to get excited over; I'm certainly not pinning my hopes on Iain Duncan-Smith caving-in and blubbering "It's a fair cop guv. For gawd's sake go easy on me, cos I've a wife, kids and a dodgy reputation for half-truths, mendacity and downright dishonesty to support".

IDS will appear in front of the SC briefed-up to his shiny pate. His researchers will have him evading and dodging questions as though he's out for a stroll. And of course if this fails, as it will; Duncan-Smith will fall back on his temper; and bluster his way through in high dudgeon.

Anyway, as the saying goes 'lies, damned lies and statistics', undoubtedly IDS will twist and turn the stats around to suit his argument; and while those  who know Smith to be a vicious and duplicitous bastard there are still far too many people in the UK who are willing to accept the government line on 'runaway benefits payments and shirkers' causing all the country's woes.

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