Monday, 8 July 2013

The Rewards of Failure

You couldn’t fucking make it up. Of the WCA assessments that go to appeal ATOS loses 40%. In its tender for the PIP contract ATOS agreed to provide 700+ assessment centres; instead, they deliver 108, 15% of total. Do you know of any other company with such an appalling record that is still in business, let alone winning massive government contracts?

Once upon a time capitalists defended their right to make large profits under the guise that they were the risk takers. Where is the risk for banks when they’re bailed out by the state and still pay out obscene bonuses for failure; where’s the risk for ATOS when they can get so many assessments wrong and still be considered fit to take on other contracts.

These kinds of actions further reinforce the fact that we are taking part in a class war. The boss class (this includes the government) continuously fucking things up, yet going unpunished, in some cases such as ATOS actually rewarded; the working classes undergoing wage freezes, seeing benefits cut and taken away, losing our jobs and our services.

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