Saturday, 6 July 2013

Segregation Lies

Remploy workers protest to save their jobs

Not satisfied with closing down the majority of its factories on the spurious grounds of cost, Remploy continues to denigrate its erstwhile manufacturing arm.

Recently a friend of mine visited Remploy’s Union Street, Waterloo, branch. This friend works in human resources for one of the country’s leading supermarkets which is looking to take on workers who come through Remploy Employment Services.

One of the visitors from another supermarket raised a question about the factory closures; curious as to why when disabled people found getting into work so difficult had the factories been closed.

The representative from Remploy replied that gender segregation was being practiced in the factories. Apparently men worked in one site and women on a separate site! Believe it or not there were a lot of tut tuts and shaking heads at this news.

Well, if you’re going to tell a lie make sure it’s a big one.

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