Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Second Amendment is a Coward's Charter

Hopefully Obama can weaken the National Rifle Association's power. Somehow make a dent in the apparent hold the NRA has over the consciences of too many Americans.

Of course the NRA play the Second Amendment like a finely tuned fiddle. Yet, there must be women and men of intellect who can articulate the argument against the, supposed, right to bear arms.

If they can't win this particular fight; then laws must be  put in place that punish misuse of lethal weapons to the Nth degree. These right-to-own-a-gun-and-use-it citizens must be inculcated through the axiom, that with rights come responsibility.

Sorry for the rant. But just how many more Trayvon's is it going to take before American's say 'enough!' Just how many more school kids are to be murdered in their classrooms before this Second Amendment is exposed as the cowardly killers' charter it is.

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