Thursday, 4 July 2013

What Has DPAC Ever Done for US?

I had a sense of déjà vu reading this thread this morning. Since then I’ve been to work in a Direct Payments department of a voluntary sector org; attended a workshop on the best way to deliver training to DP’s PAs (some interesting takes on care packages); then fought my way home through the relentless droves of guerrilla cyclists and assorted ill-tempered drivers of Central London. Yes I know… I get all the good gigs.

Anyway, back to the thread that had me thinking in parallel universes. Someone asked, “What is DPAC doing to stop the cuts?”, only to attract an equally aggressively put“…give us a date for your planned revolution, and I’m sure those that are able will join you”.

Over the past couple of years I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working alongside DPAC. Our relationship has been interesting; I think it’s fair to say. We’ve clashed on a number of occasions, sometimes methodology getting in the way; at other times, though we were heading to the top of the same mountain, we chose decidedly different paths to reach the summit.

Despite our differences, in the end it is that which we hold in common that unites us; and I hope to work alongside DPAC, and other progressive sister organisations as long as inequality and iniquity reign over my class.

So what have the Romans ever done for…sorry, what is DPAC doing to stop the cuts?

To start with:
  • they’re getting off their arses and targeting our tormentors ATOS.
  • individual DPAC members are assisting disabled people in challenging false DWP assessments; and helping them win appeals.
  • DPAC is challenging the DWP on rulings and the false information propagated by Iain Drunken-Smith.
  • since their inception they’ve carried out a number of high profile actions, such as occupying the DWP HQ and bringing London to a standstill on several occasions
  • offering solidarity to Remploy workers in struggle
  • putting disabled people and their issues in the spotlight in a way we’ve never before enjoyed.

For an outfit still in its infancy compared to some of old timers of the Left movement, DPAC punches well above its weight. While the cuts may still be with us, after all governments with vicious ideologies are not defeated overnight, I maintain that without groups such as DPAC, Black Triangle, UK Uncut as well as union influence from Unite and the TUC, this government would have pushed through much more vicious and faster cuts.

Fighting against any entrenched ideology, such as that displayed by this government, is a long term struggle; and it would be a far harder struggle without the likes of DPAC taking the fight to the very heart of power.

So, DPAC I offer you solidarity in the struggle and good luck with your London meeting on Saturday. We may not be quite ready for the revolution just yet. But I predict when we are I’ll be sitting shoulder to shoulder to with good Comrades from the trade union movement and DPAC!      

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