Saturday, 6 July 2013

Even Guardian Correspondents Find Labour Wanting

Didn’t think I’d find 80% from the Guardian’s ‘Letters and Emails’ supporting trade unions over the parliamentary Labour Party. But, that is the case in today’s (Saturday 6th July) paper. And the other 20% (one letter) doesn’t write in support of labour.

The main themes of the other four letters focus on how the Right took over the party, and has used means fair and foul to ensure the Left is kept outside the tent; on “…Labour’s long, sad, slow metamorphosis from a people’s party to a bland, centre-right conservative group more concerned with popularity in middle-class marginal constituencies than in having any genuine beliefs of their own.; how rather than fearing ‘leftwing’ issues “… be it renationalising the railways, abolishing tuition fees, taxing the rich or nuclear disarmament (with the sole exception of immigration)…” they actually chime with public opinion; and, Unite that is right to stand up to fight against the ruinous neo-liberal policies so popular with Thatcher, then continued through Labour’s 13 years in office.

Maybe the tide is turning, but the only people who are resisting it are the King Canute-like members of the parliamentary Labour Party, the Blairites and co.

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