Monday, 15 July 2013

Independent Living Fund

Independent Living Fund

Despite the press lies and the distorted stories
ILF doesn't mean we live like rich Tories;
No, it affords us a way into social inclusion
Rather than the loneliness of social exclusion.

Self directed support pays PAs to help me from bed
Toilet and shower me and make sure I'm fed,
Thus I am spic and span and I smell very clean
But without ILF I'd be home alone and unseen.

This life isn't that long and then we're dead
So existence must be more than just daily bread;
ILF payments goes some way to include roses
Not too much to ask from life, one supposes.

ILF means we can control and plan our own day
Choose how we spend it and who we can pay,
To assist us to go out and paint the town red
Then help us home safely and poured into bed.

Without ILF I may survive with just personal care
A PAs company for half-an-hour here or an hour there,
A life starved of the warmth that only friends give
An existence played out, as I only know how to live.

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