Friday, 6 January 2017

Damn, I've mislaid £7 million

The Hatton Garden heist carried out in April 2015 was viewed as quite a saucy blag. A bunch of oldish geezers 77, 75, 67 and a kid of 61, carried out the daring robbery bagging around £14 million in gold, diamonds and sapphires from 73 safe deposit boxes.

For their efforts, they were banged up for around 7-years each.

20 months down the line a woman is claiming that she lost £7 million gold during the heist. It seems that almost two-years after the event she’s checked her pockets and purse and realizes she’s £7 million short.

Now if I lost £7 million, I think I’d suss it out a bit livelier than 20 months. However, it appears that the woman in question lived abroad and being as rich as Croesus news stories reporting £14 million robberies don’t register.

This clearly demonstrates the obscenity of the wealth gap that is growing here, and across much of the world. A world where people are so stonking rich that it takes them almost two years to notice that you’re £7 million out of pocket.

Wonder if she has receipts for the £7 million in gold bullion? Hopefully this is one insurance claim that’s given the elbow.

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