Friday, 27 January 2017

Social services needs assessment.

Spent 2.5 hours with my social worker explaining in excruciatingly painful detail my social care and support needs. Incredibly we had first to go over my last support plan in order to rectify all the errors therein. 
When I spoke of ILF hours the social worker quickly jumped in to tell me that the ILF had ended; and that my entire package was now funded by Lambeth money. Even more speedily I dived in to disabuse her that 'fact'; and that while the ILF was disbanded that Lambeth still received the old ILF funding from the government, and would do so until 2020.
Of course she was blissfully ignorant of this fact; but would most definitely be going back to her office to make her colleagues aware of this. 
My advice to anyone going through a social services needs assessment is to suspend your dignity for the duration of the meeting. I found myself having to explain my personal needs in such intimate detail, that at times I was tempted to say: "Oh fuck off! 
How much do detail do you really need to know as to how my arse is cleaned?" 
Anyway, it's over now. If they mess me around and cut the package they will have a fight on their hands.

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