Thursday, 12 January 2017

McCluskey's record on Corbyn

"Do you want a GS who wants to undermine democracy" McCluskey didn't undermine democracy back in July 2015 when the Executive backed Jeremy Corbyn forLabour Party leader.

"Someone who was forced to back Corbyn as LP leader after initially backing Burnham..." Yes, McCluskey did favour Burnham over Corbyn initially. However, as I've just stated when the Executive voted overwhelmingly for Corbyn McCluskey accepted the democratic mandate.

Whoever McCluskey's original preference for leader was, he has backed Corbyn all the way since the Executive made its stand. Last summer McCluskey attempted to act as honest broker to repair the damage caused by Watson and his wrecking crew.

On the point of strikes, McCluskey has not repudiated a single strike during his tenure of office. As for cosying up to management, can you substantiate this, Arjun?

Attack McCluskey on record, Arjun. Then tell us how Ian intends to lead the trade union movement.

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