Friday, 20 January 2017

How to stop bleed?

A few weeks ago I rubbed an itch on the side of my left nostril only for it to gush forth with a steady flow of blood. A veritable gushing of blood continued as I applied tissue after tissue onto the bloody thing. And still the thing bled.

Eventually after pouring half-a-pint of TCP over it and applying a large dollop of Tea Tree Cream onto the bleeder it ceased. However, since then it has re-opened two or three times, each time a strong flow of blood that took time to stem.

Strangely, while I bleed very freely, a nurse pricked my little finger a couple of days ago and due to rate of bleeding asked whether I had taken aspirin recently, or was I on Warfarin, phlebotomists find it almost impossible to get a drop from me.

Can anyone recommend anything I can use to:

1. Make the blood coagulate quicker, and
2. Mend the skin on my noise to stop it breaking every time it's rubbed

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