Wednesday, 18 January 2017

What Price European Peace?

There has been a relative peace in Europe for 70 years. That is the major states in Europe have not committed the continent, or indeed the globe, to bloody warfare. France and Germany are locked into an economic, legislative and social framework that has sealed their friendship.

The UK has not had to take on the role of guarantor to smaller nations. The EU has eradicated menace of larger states militarily preying upon their ‘weaker’ neighbours.

For all its faults, and they are many, the EU as an institution has managed to keep historical enemies from waging wars. Yet Nigel Farage is crowing for the EU to split in order to boost his Little Englander ego. Has he any concept of the dangers inherent in his wrecking exercise?

Farage would relish a Marine Le Pen National Front victory later in the year; and doubtlessly an Angela Merkel defeat in September's Federal elections in Germany would have him crowing as the very core of the EU becomes tenuous.     

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