Sunday, 1 January 2017

Hope for 2017

Yes, 2016 was a disastrous year, for far too many reasons to list here. I could, like so many of my Comrades have done, damn 2016 for the fuck of a year it was. Instead, I shall lay it to rest and pray for the repose of its soul and the souls of those it stole from us.
There is one way 2016 can redeem itself, and that's if it claims possession of and holds greedily onto the war in Syria. 2016, if you can secure peace in this benighted country, I'll forgive you all your other sins.
However, despite the carnage of 2016 it has not, and will not, defeat the power of the human spirit and its greatest characteristic, Hope. So, in this vein I offer Hope for 2017: The Hope for peace and The Hope that humankind rediscovers its humanity.
Here’s wishing all my friends Hope for 2017.

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