Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Tebbit Droning on about Drones

They’re droning on about drones on LBC Radio. They’re blathering away at the dangers of misusing these boys-toys. Apparently, they are permitted to fly up to a height of 120 meters in cities such as London.
Iain Dale, in keeping with his true-blue Tory agenda, announced that he will be speaking to Lord Tebbit, an ex-airline pilot, on the dangers drones pose. On comes Tebbit and begins to lay into the misuses of drones.

The ultimate in toys for the boys
Aside from their intrusiveness, there are nutters who use them to interfere with commercial planes landing and taking off. Fair enough, Norm. I’m with you on that one. However, he reserved his real opprobrium for their use by terrorists.

With no irony intended Tebbit went on to say that terrorists could load drones with explosive materiel and fly them into crowds of innocent civilians. Yes, Lord Tebbit, the US and UK armed forces have been successfully using drones to slaughter innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq for years. Though I doubt these were the terrorists that you had in mind.  

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