Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Corbyn sought peace in Northern Ireland

Ironically, the very person who insisted she would never speak to ‘terrorists’ did indeed negotiate with the IRA in 1981 at the time of the hunger strikes. Earlier than this, in 1972, Willie Whitelaw met with six representatives of the IRA.

Fast forward to 1998 and the then Secetary of State for NI, Mo Mowlam, met with members of paramilitary organisations from both sides of the divide. And, as recently as 2008 in a bid to save the Good Friday agreement Tony Blair offered to meet with masked IRA leaders.

So, despite Thatcher’s political posturing, she did negotiate with, in her words, terrorists; as did her ‘top’ man in Ireland, Whitelaw. Yet we hear no cries of ‘Terrorist supporter!” being levelled at them. Nor have Blair, Mowlam, or even John Major, who attended meetings with IRA leaders in the early 1990s, had pro-terrorist accusations directed at them.

Nine years on from Blair’s attempts to ensure the Good Friday Agreement held, the nasty press and media are rolling out propaganda against the current Labour leader. The scum that pose as the British media are trying to incriminate Jeremy Corbyn. They are maintaining that because he spoke to pro-Republicans and attended meetings that called for Irish unity he was somehow a supporter of terrorism.

Of course, this is all part of the continuous smear campaign propagated against Corbyn since he became leader of the Labour Party. Our scab media will endeavour to ignore the progressive policies put forward by Corbyn and McDonnell; and instead they will rake over the cold ashes of yesterday’s news in an attempt to spark the embers of reaction.

Please, don’t be duped by the lies of our Tory-bought media. Corbyn, as with other politicians of the day, sought an end to the cycle of violence perpetrated by all sides in the Six Counties, and beyond. No, instead look to his positive policies on:

·       Housing
·       The NHS
·       Social services
·       Public transport
·       Living wage
·       State benefits
·       Taxation
·       Education, and
        Trade union rights

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