Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Richard Graham, Tory MP, spouts ideologically driven drivel

According to Tory MP, Richard Graham, the rationale behind the DWP’s persistent and cruel re-assessment programme of disabled people, even those with life-time conditions, claiming PIP and ESA is: "Some permanent degenerative conditions do degenerate, some stabilise and some do get better - it's a mixed situation."

Let’s break down the logic of this MP, a man without any medical qualifications.

1.    Permanent degenerative conditions by their nature do degenerate. The clue lies in the term ‘permanent degenerative’.
2.    Yes, some (permanent degenerative conditions) can be, for periods of time, kept stable. However, that stability can usually be accounted for by factors such as, having enough money to counter the difficulties met through disability; or having decent care and support packages in place.
3.    However, permanent degenerative conditions do not get better, barring miracles.

When Victoria Derbyshire interrupted the Tory disability benefits’ slasher by asking him, reasonably: “Which permanent degenerative condition gets better?” The Old Etonian responded, “Victoria I’m not going to try and get into an argument about specific conditions here…”

Of course, you’re not you degenerate Tory vampire. Why should you be expected to base your ideological blathering on such tedious things as facts? Why should you base your decisions, decisions often a matter of life and death to disabled people, on anything approximating solid evidence?

Please, don’t allow Richard Graham MP and the rest of the Tory scum to impose another five-years of abject misery on disabled people in the UK. Vote him and his ilk out of office.

If you only cast one vote this year, make sure it’s on June 8th; and make sure it’s for a Labour candidate.   

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