Sunday, 21 May 2017

Mental Health Session at the 2017 TUC Disabled Workers' Conference

The photo shows me Chairing the session on Mental Health at this year's TUC Disabled Workers' Conference. On my right (looking at the photo) is Catherine Scarlett, an NUT delegate and on my left are two ex-footballers, representing the PFA on the day, Michael Bennett and Jason Brown.
It is no exaggeration to admit I was privileged to chair this session of the conference. Each guest speaker gave their personal testimony of how a mental health had impacted them and their lives. While these stories were stark and harrowing, there telling managed to expose them as exactly for what they were, very human and lived experiences.
The more such stories are told; and the greater currency they garner so, we can hope, that mental health conditions are better understood and accepted by the public in general and employers specifically.

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