Tuesday, 2 May 2017

So what, Diana Abbott screwed up

Yes, Diana Abbott’s interview with Nick Ferrara didn’t cover her in glory. For whatever reason, Diana bungled the interview and came out of it appearing amateurish. Yet, just now on Clive Bull’s LBC programme a caller said he could understand MPs telling lies, dissembling, prevaricating, evading questions, equivocating, being cagey and even attacking opposition MPs rather than addressing the question in hand; as somehow such actions are reputable, whereas Abbott’s behaviour was beyond the pale.

What kind of a world are we inhabiting that would place lying and sharp political expedient practices above human error. Diana Abbott’s only sin today was that she lost track of the political message she was charged with spreading. But of course, our scummy media presenters give greater currency to Diana’s car shunt than to the real car crash of an interview where a Tory MP maintained that, in relation to disability benefit’s cuts: "Some permanent degenerative conditions do degenerate, some stabilise and some do get better - it's a mixed situation."

Why for the sake of balance wasn't that story given the oxygen of publicity that many disabled people believe it deserved?


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