Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Vote out the Inhuman Tories - Vote Labour

Another 5-years of Tory austerity will kill thousands of disabled people. The Tories see disabled people as a burden. They see us as valueless.

There are scores of thousands of people who can't move around their own homes safely; and hundreds of thousands without the care and support they need to leave their homes. This leads to social exclusion and isolation.

Imagine your horizons being limited to a few feet away, the walls in your home the extent of your world. Imagine your only social interaction is with agency workers, who with the best will in the world cannot sit and chat with you as they tear around your home doing their work. Imagine this day by day by week by week by month by month.

Human connectivity and the warmth of love are life-affirming interactions. Without these our lives are diminished. Disabled people are sentient; we respond positively to human intercourse and love. Deny us these relations and our mental health becomes endangered.

Decent care and support packages can, and do, act as a preventative resource. Adequate care and support can stabilise both the physical and mental health of the recipient. This is both a benefit to the disabled person, the NHS (less reliance on by disabled people) and the economy. Care and support packages act as a multiplier effect as well as creating social capital.

Next week vote Labour. Vote for a party that values all citizens. Vote for a party that understands disabled people and recognises their right to equality.

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