Sunday, 28 May 2017

Scenes from Heathrow and Gatwick are not carnage

We all work hard and are entitled to go on holiday. Sometimes our holiday plans are thwarted. Today was such a day. Scores of thousands of BA passengers at Heathrow and Gatwick found their journeys cancelled due to problems with IT systems.

The unions warned BA of the dangers of outsourcing hundreds of of IT jobs to India last year. Yet, in its quest to maximise profits the BA went ahead.

Listening to failed passengers today I sympathised with families with very elderly relatives who received no assistance from BA. People who had saved up for years for a once in a life-time holiday are entitled to feel aggrieved as they are left stranded without receiving information or reassurance from either their carriers, BA; or indeed from airport staff.

However, listening to these frustrated would-be holiday makers sweltering in the snaking queues around Heathrow and Gatwick, one passenger seriously pissed me off.

The passenger in question was questioned. Her response was as expected, she was unhappy with the fact that she had been left in the lurch. She was unable to receive appropriate information from BA staff; nor was she offered food vouchers or accommodation. 

Letting off steam the woman complained that thousands and thousands of people were stranded, parents with young fractious children, elderly people and disabled people left in discomfort. All good reasons to be angry with BA.

Then, to end it all the woman described the scenes at the airport as carnage! Well, this set me to roaring at the radio. What is wrong with people? Where are their sensitivities? Earlier this week a man exploded a bomb in a crowded public space in Manchester. His action caused the deaths of 22 men women and children, as well as seriously injuring dozens of people.

Having your holiday arrangements messed around is a pain; it can even be upsetting. However, carnage it is not. The bombing in Manchester on Monday night, the awful bombardment of Aleppo and the Israeli's periodical attacks on Gaza create carnage. 

People, lets please keep things in perspective. 

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