Monday, 1 May 2017

Teresa May on Sunday's Andrew Marr Show

Andrew Marr: "I'm sorry Prime Minister, we have nurses going to food banks, and that must be wrong?"

PM May: "We have and there are many complex reasons why people go to food banks."

No Mrs May, the reasons people use food banks are not complex. People use food banks because they are hungry. They are hungry as a direct result of your political party's retrogressive social policies; and, because of the vicious ideologically driven programme of austerity meted out to the poorest in society by your Nasty Party.

Peoples' use of food banks is not complex. There is nothing complex about a minimum wage that in no way reflects the cost of housing, child care, the ever rising prices of gas and electricity, the out-of-reach cost of public transport. Nor is there anything complex about the sanctioning of people on benefits. Without money people can't buy food; ergo, they turn to food banks.

Finally May, there is nothing complex about public sector workers wages being frozen; and that these year-on-year freezes actually acting in real terms as a pay cut.  Stop hiding behind complex economic factors as a determinant as to the use of food banks and admit that you don't care if our poor starve as long as the God of Profit is assuaged.

Fucking vampire Tories.     

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