Monday, 8 May 2017

Fuck off Fuhrer Farage

Over the past couple of months, the arch Kipper, Fuhrer Farage, has been extolling the virtues of French fascist Marine Le Pen. In Farage’s opinion, Le Pen and her Front National party are not racist. No, they are the true voice of France; a voice that wants France returned to the hands of the French from the big-bad-wolf of the EU.

Farage predicted that his Brexit victory would send such a strong message to like-minded French citizens they in turn would sweep Le Pen to victory in the presidential election; and then go on to win a Frexit vote in a referendum in the near future. A Frexit outcome would sound the death knell of the European experiment, Fuhrer Farage’s 20-year personal crusade.

Tonight, Nigel Farage’s dedicated his programme to rubbishing Macron’s victory. He attempted to convince his audience that Macron had somehow hoodwinked the French voting public, whose political heart and soul were opposed to the EU.

He spoke as though Emmanuel Macron’s victory was somehow diminished because the new president had never served in a government, indeed he ridiculed the novelty of En Marche. His attitude smacked of, how dare this Jean-come-lately gain an election result that flew in the face of Nigel Farage’s prediction.

Farage, you won Brexit by a 3.8% majority, and you crow that this is the voice of the people. You maintain that British people have wrested its democracy from an undemocratic EU. OK Nige, you won. However, Macron’s majority was a whopping 32.2%. Farage, Macron won his election by a landslide. Emmanuel Macron truly has a mandate from the French electorate; and that mandate includes France remaining in the EU.

Farage’s parting shots from this evening’s programme pathetically sums up this sad little Englander. He stated the French election wasn’t really the big one. No, the really big general election that will shake the EU to its foundations is that to be held in Italy later this month.

Nigel Farage, why not just fuck off into the sunset. Get a hobby. Surely the bunker is in dire need of a makeover.

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