Friday, 18 June 2010

"Against DWP Reforms for the genuinely sick and disabled."

If I’m not mistaken this Condem regime is looking to slash and cut benefits that disabled people need in order to simply exist. Maybe these wealthy people can survive without the Welfare State; after all their fathers and grandfathers did all in their power to stop its birth and growth. Indeed, their successors are now about to pull away what is a safety net for millions.

Their actions have nothing to do with pulling people out of poverty. The Tory ‘half’ of this regime has never considered the needs of the poor in their relentless greed-drive for greater profits. Their neo-lib juggernaut will careen across our public services; selling off anything that looks profitable; after which they’ll asset strip and downsize leaving the bare bones of a service to meet our needs.

We can only hope this regime becomes riven by dissent and ideological differences; thus becoming unable to govern with any kind of mandate.

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