Friday, 18 June 2010

Why a Motability Scooter Accident is Newsworthy

Here’s a stab in the dark. RTAs involving HGVs, buses and bikes are commonplace; so many are caught speeding it has become routine; alas, the numbers killed and injured on our roads have become statistics, sadly no longer deemed shocking.

Yet, an 83-year old injured in a hit-and-run mobility scooter is something out of the ordinary. Newspapers, often, work on the principle of putting ‘newsworthy’ stories in their publications; and, since most of the activities you mentioned in Message 1 are not only everyday occurrences; but to our shame, they happen too frequently during any given day.

Those of us who have access to computers (again, I’ll stick my neck out here and guess most of us here) can search for RTA statistics through the various search engines at our disposal. However, try Googling for information on numbers injured or killed by ‘mobility’ scooters and wheelchairs. Such information is quite difficult to obtain; mainly, I suppose there’s too little frequency to warrant statistical information.

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