Sunday, 13 June 2010

Referendum on Death Penalty

And, how would you deal with those pesky miscarriages of justice that arise from time to time. Would we create a Department of Frankenstein: For the resurrection of the Innocently Hanged? Or, where we find we’ve executed an innocent person why don’t we then have a system whereby someone from the register of ‘Yes’ voters to capital punishment in the referendum is themselves executed to balance the books. You know, an eye for an eye...

Further to this, where is the proof that capital punishment works, other than the state murdering another human in the name of revenge. CP is practiced in India and the US yet both these countries still record high rates of murder and violent crime.

Incidentally, if we’re basing CP versus life imprisonment on cost then CP, as is the case in the US, is the more costly of the two options. Unless, of course, we cut back on due process; that is we try them and hang them on the same day; thus eliminating any chance of appeal.

Kaz, this ConDem regime will do enough ‘thinking outside the box’ in the months ahead. Some of their policies will lead to hundreds if not thousands of us dying prematurely.

Not exactly execution; but, a death penalty nonetheless.

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