Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Atheist’s Lament

Lord won’t you give me a day in the sun,
My life’s so wretched and I deserve fun;
A little time off to breathe without pain,
And, then I’ll take up my burden again.

Lord can I make just one simple request,
That I live my life, just like all the rest;
Sleeping as soon as my head hits the sack,
Not writhing in pain from a knackered back.

Lord one night free of pain’s all that I need,
Not difficult for you I think you’ll concede,
One wave of your wand, is how it’s done,
‘Abracadabra’ and pain let there be none!

Lord, I’d sell my soul for some respite,
Except that I sold it the other night,
To a devilish man where all roads meet,
Who promised me health, my body complete.

Lord, I’m still in pain, and my soul is spent,
Thus the reason for this futile lament;
An atheist in pain may hedge his bets,
Falter, but in the end has no regrets.

Lord, I ask please forgive my intrusion,
My weakness led me into this delusion;
In calling out for your heavenly aid,
From my path of disbelief I have strayed.

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